Red is our new colour


The past decade saw us partnering our clients in branding and rebranding and now it’s time we did that for ourselves. Brand Harvest is saying HI to RED. Over the years we have attracted over 100 clients across segments, size and stature and partnered in providing branding solutions. Our relationships with clients have been highly professional and at times very personalised. Brand Harvest has been extremely approachable, warm and friendly and our earlier identity reflected this with the choice of colours like blue and orange.

Going ahead, we will carry forward some of the associations built over the years and will incorporate new ones. Times are changing, consumers are digitally inclined, attention spans are reducing and the world wants to have information through images. The need of the hour is to be bold enough and yet be simple. Creativity has to stand apart and not just stand out, the brand stories have to be shorter and sweeter and at the same time clearly spell out the benefit. What’s in it for me is the key and increasingly its becoming the most important part of any engagement. Branding will be no different.

Reflecting some of the above thoughts, we have embarked on a change and hopefully be better prepared for the future. Red is our new colour. Red is bold, ambitious and its striking. With just a change in colour, we changed our tone of voice, our personality and above all our intent for our clients. We are ambitious and we will be ambitious for our clients alike. Our work will reflect the promise of the future and yet we will be rooted in our values. We welcome this change and we hope we will be able to pave the future for ourselves and our clients going forward.