Corporate Branding in Real Estate


For the last two decades, the real estate industry in India has evolved to the point that leading players have crafted out differentiated positioning and communication angles that are now a part of the public consciousness. A classic example of this is Rustumjee, who have taken on the leadership role when it comes to ‘Creating thoughtful childhoods’. In a city like Mumbai, this positioning is both relevant and unique. However, this is positioning that has been created by drawing on the strength of previous executions, rather than a stated intent for the organization as a whole. This is largely true of the industry as a whole, where the perceptions of the company are built on the associations of its most known projects. Omkar 1973 and World One Lodha do more towards building brand for the organizations that they come from, rather than the other way around.

Why is Corporate Branding important?

Corporate Branding as we see it, can play an important role in shaping your projects and the corporate brand itself. It also depends on the project size and nature of it, For Eg – The World One, One of the tallest residential towers in the world is built by Lodha Luxury. Lodha also takes it corporate name ahead and then its project. (Lodha Casa Bella, Lodha Bellisimo etc) but World One being a big project, it was branded as an individual project. Lodha has an uniform logo design across its projects, logo remains the same and only the name of the project changes. Brand Strategy needs to be aligned with your vision and the kind of projects in the future. Corporate Branding therefore becomes important in the brand strategy and if done in the right way, will pave way for brand synergy.

In the absence of projects of a certain size and stature, a company will stand for itself in the brand that it wishes to create. Therefore it becomes important for a branding consultancy to create an unique strategy for Corporate Branding.