Quick Eat ‘n’ Go Restaurant in today’s times


A younger and richer India is fuelling the dining out industry. In Mumbai specifically, the road-side & take-away culture has been particularly strong, as evidenced by a growing number of QSR chains. Recent & fairly proliferate entrants in the market include Faasos, Box8, Ammiʼs and many more. What is particularly interesting is the growing trend of “Indian Fast Food” chains, an opportunity that is growing especially because consumers are finding more and more ways to have familiar food in a new and interesting packaging. This is a trend that many more food service providers are riding on, including services like Hola Chef – which is basically, home-made food delivered.

The essential thing about QSR’s is that they capture the customer’s need right at a spot where he/she needs it. For Eg – When the need of the customer is 1. Fullfing hunger 2. Short serving time 3. Economical. These three are very essential promises for a QSR. However nowadays this has evovled, the brand needs to engage the customer given stiff competition. Mcdonalds, Burger King, Subway, KFC etc all functionally deliever the same but how they engage with consumers is different.The customer needs to connect with the brand so as to be in the preference set. However in a physical environment, packaging design also plays an important role since the customer is engaging with the product when he is eating which adds to the total brand experience. Therefore it is necessary for brand consultants to align brand experience with the promise the brand is making.

Recently our work for a Frozen dessert outlet, we not only created an identity but through research we identified places where brand experience can be improved. It can be improved through packaging, stall design, menu design and more. These small changes in touchpoints impacts experience which result not only in delievering your core benefit but also making an impact with your brand. Top leaders such a Mcdonalds when they say “Im loving it”, target audience connects with them.


The quality of product in a QSR is a hygiene factor. We believe the key to building scale with this model will reside in the key service delivery promise – whether faster food, fresher food, more variety, or something else – and the amount of brand awareness that can be created around the brand. The sum total of a QSR Brand experience can therefore be viewed through the lens of:


In Today’s Times when brand look out to brand consultants for different perspectives, which help them enhance brand experience.