Building a great brand positioning strategy is a matter of fundamentally understanding where you want to take your brand. As a brand consultancy, we know that the positioning strategy adopted by your brand is probably one of the most important aspects of building a great consumer-centric business. Building a great brand starts with a powerful brand positioning idea.

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning Strategy

At Brand Harvest, we follow a unique model to understand not just your brand but we attempt to get a holistic view about the opportunity, the category, the competition, the society and the consumer. This we believe will give a deeper insight in developing a distinctive and effective brand positioning strategy. The strategy for positioning an organization, service or product is always in the context of the category and the environment in which they operate. Therefore, it is very important to understand the larger aspects first while delving deeper into the minds of the audience. This will give an understanding of the context and the reason why certain norms, practices, perceptions, beliefs, etc. shape the way customers/consumers or any other stakeholder views a brand in a particular manner.

Positioning Strategy

In a classic positioning exercise, we would articulate the following

  • Brand Promise: A Brand Promise is the one thing your brand promisesto serve your target market with. It is something that your company hasto offer for your consumers beyond your products/service offerings (inthe form of rational or emotional benefits or experiences). Given thebackdrop of the emotional and psychological barriers to using ATMs inIndia, especially among the lower tier towns, the brand promise wouldthen serve as the primary tool to reducing the barriers and creating asense of comfort.
  • Brand Essence: A Brand Essence is the core characteristic that definesthe brand, generally personalizing the brand with a ‘quality’ describingwhat it signifies. Our brand would try and meet the characteristics whichwould be welcomed by the customers. For example, rather than ahigh-tech machine, it would be a convenient and approachable vendor.
  • Brand Positioning: Brand Positioning is a strategic approach toestablishing a sustainable competitive advantage. Although, there arenot too many competitors in the market, there soon will be. Thepositioning of the brand will ensure a desirable pre-disposition in theminds of the consumers, when the competition arrives.
  • Brand Value & Personality: An expression of the fundamental corevalues and characteristics of a brand described and experienced ashuman personality traits, e.g. friendly, smart, nimble etc. It is anexpression of the relationship between the consumer and the brand.Extremely important, especially when relating to the consumers in lessevolved markets.
  • Brand Differentiation: Creating high level differentiators (in product,service or brand experience) makes the brand stand out. The onereason to choose your brand in preference to others. When there is nomajor competition in the market, cues can be taken from the categoryand a differentiated image can be established. If there is competition,by the time the brand is launched; competitive, psychological,service/product level differentiation can be created.

At Brand Harvest, we have worked with several clients spanning size and category. Some of the noteworthy clients with whom we partnered to provide strategic brand positioning include the following: