As a brand design agency, we know that brand Identity design is not just about designing a beautiful logo. Brand Identity design is about capturing the essence of the brand in a powerful and compelling manner that resonates with consumers, and that, over time, becomes the cornerstone of the brand.

Brand Identity Design

Brands are not about adding colors, fonts, logo, visuals and some music to the design. In reality, branding is way different from what you actually see. The identity of the brand is the most important visible symbol representing the very values of the brand. It goes beyond the logo, and manifests itself in every graphic, every element, tone and manner of communication and service delivery as well. ‘Happy to Help’ of the Vodafone is as much a part of the Vodafone Identity as their logo – Design needs to bring alive the strategy and enhance the desired imagery of the brand.

Branding is definitely not a lighter topic, to begin with. As a brand identity design company, we bring out the fundamental idea and the core concept of brand identity design. The design is a reflection of the values and aim of the business.

Designing Brand Identity

It reflects how the customers should view a business. Through right design, the brand is able to communicate with the audience in the right way. It is a combination of visuals, logo, style and the brand name of the business. The goal of the company is reflected through the brand identity.

From a design perspective, it is about creating a very cohesive look for the brand, manifested through all its applications. In the brand identity design development, we would look at creating a consistent and coherent look by considering the relevant colours, graphics, typeface, visuals and words.

Brand Harvest, your brand identity design agency helps in creating a positive brand image and builds a meaningful experience. An effective design delivers a positive brand profile.

Some Work in identity design


Corporate branding helps a company to compete with the competitors in an effective way. The look and feel of the corporate identity design should reflect the feel for your business. The message of your business should be conveyed the right way. This design is used for internal and external communication. We, the corporate identity design company help you to establish a strong brand presence in the competitive market.

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