In a world where consumers are always ‘connected’ and in a state of flux, with ever changing attitudes, personalities and most importantly preferences, the brands which are present where the consumers are, speaking their language and matching their preferences would come out on top.

Digital Services

Consumers are seeking exciting brand stories, asking about it, vetting it, sharing their views on it and eventually buying into it with the expectation of almost instant gratification there has been no other time more imperative for a brand to be active digitally. As digital brand consultants we understand this dire need and have the capabilities to ensure our clients have the right strategies and tools in place to meet the vastly dynamic challenges of the ‘always connected’ world.

Branded Content and Advertising

As branding specialists, we understand your brand and its marketing challenges. We combine our strategic outlook towards branding with in-depth knowledge of the digital medium to develop creative solutions which ensure your consumers engage with your brand and you meet your business objectives.

We offer ideation with digital at its core (integrated campaigns, display advertising, email marketing, social media campaigns etc.) grounded fundamentally in meeting the brands business objectives and directly contributing to the bottom line.

Website and UI Design

Long gone are the days when a website was just an online brochure / product catalogue/ corporate profile. Websites of today need to be looked upon as the primary engagement tool for a brand with its customers. Customers treat the online media as their primary source of information from product specifications to brand education and therefore your website serves as the primary impression management platform and in many cases a direct source of revenue through online transactions and enquiry facilities.

Further, as more and more customers are browsing web looking for information through mobile, modern websites need to be mobile friendly. We offer clean and exciting responsive designs which are browser and device agnostic, effective navigation and content structures which ensure the best user experience for your customers whether it is a corporate website, a microsite or an e-commerce enabled website. We use latest front-end & back-end development platforms & languages, including but not restricted to; HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JAVA, .NET, ASPX and open source.

Search Engine Optimisation & Website Analytics

Google and other search engines are the primary source of information and other business related queries. We constantly evaluate and understand how the search engine algorithms work, what the customer is searching for (keywords), and provide strategies and action points on how your brand can feature right on top (quite literally) of these searches giving you the business edge over your competition.

Further, with integrated knowledge of Google analytics we track and analyse your website traffic to understand the behaviour of your visitors; where they came from, where they are going, what they like and dislike about your website, how much time they spend, what they look at etc. There is a lot of information that can be accumulated through the use of analytics and we partner our clients to ensure the right insights are gathered and acted upon to increase engagement and conversion rates of your website.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Social Media Advertising

Our understanding of search engines coupled with the insights gained through the analysis of website traffic, we provide comprehensive SEM solutions to our clients from SEM strategy, keyword generation, creative development, and implementation through to analysis which drives targeted relevant traffic to their websites. Through the use keyword based paid advertising and display through Google Adwords we are able to get relevant visitors who are scouting the internet for your business to your website.

To further strengthen the digital advertising efforts of our clients we also offer Social Media Advertising. Since India has over 100 million (10 crore) active customers on Facebook, there is no business who cannot find their customers on this platform. We strategise, develop and run paid advertising campaigns for our clients to get the right message across to their customers.

Application Development

Clutter in the web space and bombardment of advertising has led brands to seek new and innovative ways to engage their customers are a more personal level. On the other hand customers are on a constant endeavour to find better and more efficient ways to consume a product or service. With the advent of smartphones and various technologies on the web platform, this is now possible for both parties through the use of platform applications.

We are proficient at building all forms of applications for various devices including mobile (android, windows, blackberry and iOS) and web in various platforms and languages including .Net, Java, open source and have been working on creating some innovative applications for our clients so they can provide a more seamless experience to their customers.