Brand Identity & Logo Design

The identity of the brand design is the most important visible symbol representing the very values of the brand. It goes beyond the logo, and manifests itself in every graphic, every element, tone and manner of communication and service delivery as well. ‘Happy to Help’ of the Vodafone is as much a part of the Vodafone Identity as their logo. As an Corporate brand Logo design agency we aim to make sure that brand logo design brings alive the brand strategy and enhances the desired imagery of the brand.

Designing Brand Identity

From a designing Brand Identity perspective, it is about creating a very cohesive look for the brand, manifested through all its applications. In the brand identity development process, we would look at creating a consistent and coherent look by considering the relevant colours, graphics, typeface, visuals and words.

Logo Design

A good logo design represents the brand in its entirety. The Logo of a brand, over time, becomes a powerful symbol representing everything a brand stands for. While getting a logo designed from corporate logo design company, there are some key factors a to keep in mind to help you get a powerful, and effective business logo.Check below to know more about logo design, read these.