Rebranding North-East’s favourite pickle brand

Identity Design + Packaging

In a nutshell

Rebranding North East's favourite pickle brand. Our assignment was to understand the equity of an established pickle brand in the North East and create an architecture for launching a wide range of food products under the Freshy umbrella


What we did

Our approach was more internally focused rather than external. The fact that PL is an organization with over 60 years meant that that the culture is deep rooted and difficult to change. Through a series of in-depth interviews with the top management and several brainstorming sessions we identified what values govern the organization. We looked at some of their key achievements over the years that has built their reputation and credibility. We articulated the final purpose idea as ‘Powering your financial growth’through ‘wealth of wisdom’. Further to that we revamped their website, developed a brand campaign and rolled out the communication.

We recommended that the brand be drive with a purpose idea rather than positioning idea. Purpose ideas are more deep rooted and stem from the very belief system of the company.