At Brand Harvest, our endeavour is to provide holistic branding solutions in the areas of brand management. Our branding services are designed to cover the entire spectrum of branding from consulting to designing identities, developing strategy to creating meaningful brand stories. With a collective experience of like-minded professionals combined with a collaborative approach, we have been able to deliver value to our clients.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is the foundation for building a strong brand. Strategy is internal and begins with addressing the fundamentals like - developing the brand positioning strategy, purpose, differentiation and experience. This leads to the creation of the brand communication strategy, or the external face and voice of the brand. Developing the brand strategy involves rigor, processes and evaluation. It is the ability to focus on the essentials and getting the brand matrix right.

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Brand Design

Creating a design that expresses a brand in a compelling and powerful way is at the heart of corporate identity. The identity of the brand is the most visible symbol representing the very values of the brand. Design has the ability to make your brand visible, more differentiated and competitive. Design needs to bring alive the strategy and enhance the desired imagery of the brand.

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Digital Services

Consumers are seeking exciting brand stories and they are doing so digitally. We understand this need and the need of the brands to meet their consumers expectations. Hence we are in a constant endeavour to create innovative and engaging branding solutions for our clients on the digital platform.

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Corporate Branding

Corporate branding is a very nascent practice in India. The culture of opting for branding services among many corporates is present but in a very limited manner. Only the large and noteworthy companies in India have invested extensively in infusing a brand culture.

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Internal Branding

In a highly competitive world with me too product and service offerings, an internally aligned brand can produce results that are better than the competition. The perceived value of the organisation/brand to be more customer-centric is a differentiator that many cannot ignore. Therefore, every employee, every touch point, every interaction becomes critical and they all speak and deliver the same value.

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Brand Management & Activation

The custodianship of a brand should go well beyond the marketing department. It is important that the brand is aligned across all the key stakeholders who are managing and helping build the brand.

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