The brand architecture is the relationship and hierarchy of various brands within an organization. Brand Architecture can be categorized into three main areas namely monolithic, endorsed and free standing.

Brand Architecture in the context of business realities

The brand architecture is the roadmap for the success of any business. The role of the brands within the portfolio should ideally determine the structure of the brand architecture. However, it is equally important to define the role of every brand within the architecture and align each brand with the overall philosophy of the corporate brand.

Creating a strong brand architecture is impacted by:
  • Market dynamism – How much is the market likely to change in the near future?
  • Consumer Mindsets – How much is the consumer mindset likely to be impacted?
  • Rising Trends – What are the trends to consider? Does the role of digital medium change your architecture? What is competition doing?
When it comes to Brand Architecture, Brand Harvest offers a four-step solution to its partners
  • Design and develop brand architecture strategies
  • Create a visual brand architecture
  • Develop a brand guideline
  • An internal rollout program to ensure seamless internalization

Our recommendations for Saint-Gobain Gyproc to move from a multi-tier brand architecture to a monolithic architecture immensely helped them establish leadership within the category.