Brand repositioning is a strategic exercise conducted by many organizations to align themselves better to market dynamicsThis could be because the competition has repositioned you, or the paradigm in which the audience view a category has changed, or an organization has evolved. The reasons in each case are many and the challenges could be unique in their own right. Repositioning is not necessarily reactive but it can many times be proactive because the company/service or product by repositioning is also taking the lead and the initiative to change the existing paradigm.

Brand Repositioning

At Brand Harvest, we understand the various dimensions of repositioning and the emerging challenges. Therefore, in developing a brand repositioning strategy, we look at two critical aspects

Brand Repositioning Process

What is the brand today and what is the existing brand equity?
Where do we want to go and how best we can reach there without eroding the existing equity?

Brand Harvest conducts a proprietary ‘Visioning Workshop’ that allows organizations to reach into themselves to visualize the past, present and future of the Brand. Such workshops are key milestones in the development of a repositioning strategy.

A brand repositioning exercise could conceivably be undertaken across the following stages:

  • Understanding brand equity
  • Capturing the Vision of the organization
  • Understanding consumer and competition markets
  • Crafting a brand positioning with the use of our Proprietary tool – The Brand Map

Brand Positioning Strategy: A visual representation

Brand Positioning Strategy: A visual representation

Brand harvest has undertaken Brand repositioning exercises for many different organizations across different industries and categories.