Corporate branding and strategy is a very nascent practice in India. The culture of branding among many corporates is present but in a very limited manner. Only the large and noteworthy companies in India have invested extensively in infusing a brand culture. At Brand Harvest, we have worked with several large and medium sized companies along with emerging corporates in defining their corporate brand.

Vision, Mission and Values Development

As a part of the Corporate Brand Strategy development, Brand Harvest, as a brand strategy agency undertakes the crafting of the corporate’s Vision, Mission and Values statement – along with the brand purpose. This is undertaken through a Brand Visioning Workshop and proprietary tools are used for the same.

The first tool is a process of discovery that entails the understanding of the primary landscapes of ‘Motivations’ and ‘Reflections’.

Brand Vision: Understanding the environment


Brand Vision: Understanding the environmen

he findings are then used in the Brand Workshop process. An example of the kind of tools we use is given below.

Brand Story Telling Workshop Structure

Brand Story Telling Workshop Structure