Rebranding one of India’s top 100 SMEs

Brand strategy + Identity + Print + Web

In a nutshell

Horizon Polymer is one of India’s leading manufacturers of corrosion resistant plastic lined products, and the largest processor of fluoropolymers. The company’s clientele includes some leading names from across various industrial sectors. The company’s focus on high quality manufacturing and offering high performance products has earned it numerous awards and quality certifications.

Horizon : Rebranding one of India’s top 100 SMEs

What we did

We used the basic product offering of the company as an inspiration to create a fresh, new identity. The idea of connecting pipes was the platform on which the new identity was based. The new logo served as the basis for creating various brand expressions such as brochure, website, online and offline communication, etc.

Horizon needed an identity that brought alive its stature as a leading name in its category. We wanted to stand out in a simplistic manner - as a leading name, we did not want to look like trying too hard yet come out as a top brand.

Horizon : Rebranding one of India’s top 100 SMEs