Branding a new entrant into the home furnishings category

Strategy + Identity Design + Packaging + Print + Digital Design + Launch

In a nutshell

Pushpanjali Consumer Products Group has been a consumer goods group for over 3 decades with strong footholds in many different markets in the country. They planned their first foray into branded home décor with the introduction of a new brand of Bed Linens. In order to compete in a cluttered market, they needed a strong and stand-out visual identity.


What we did

The distinctive visual identity harks back to age-old Indian traditions. The vibrant colours and softer graphic elements were then carried through in all aspects including the print communication, stall designs as well as the final packaging.

Given the unique ethos of the organization, and the founders vision, we came up with the name Kalagya. Kalagya (Kala &Yagya), as the name suggests, is the coming together of pristine art, devotion and dedication.